Curtain fabrics types are prefered

Nowadays , in the  curtain designs, it do not only keep the existing lightening function, but also contribute to the beauty of the interior of each house. Over the years, curtains have changed in design, size as well as material. As users become increasingly aware of the aesthetics, there are also higher requirements for familiar products in this design.

One of the curtains products which is ensured in both the aesthetics and material durability must mention to Japanese curtains. Japanese curtains are easy to conquer the customers by a variety of models,  light block , sun block, UV blockers, heat resistance, fire protection ... Some types of curtains can also be very easy to wash which bring convenience to users.


FACCO is proud of being a importer  of blinds which are 100%  imported from Japan according to the size of customer's door, each cloth code of the curtain meet the standards of the World Textile Association. The products will be sewn in Japan or Vietnam (but still ensure Japanese material and  standards) depending on the choice of customers.

We provide the curtain suitable for a variety of uses such as Roman blinds, pleat curtain, wavy curtain  ... Also we can install intelligent motorized blinds help more convenient during use .

Regarding curtains, Roman blinds are layered with big structure, the users can conveniently pull up layers or let loose according to different lighting needs. Thanks to the layered big structure, the room interior that looks modern, luxury, soft and cozy.


For apartments with wide doors or curtain for bedroom doors, we offer curtain designs from modern styles that bring youthful, fresh to classic style of the palace that brings a quiet, independent feeling. Depending on the color of the house and other designs, the curtains are independent but still have the choice of attaching the indoor space into a unified whole.


Folding curtain can choose 1 segment, 2 segments, 3 segments with diverse color and material  suitable for many interior space as well as the needs of customers.

As well as folding curtain, wavy curtain is suitable for hanging at large doors, wide area, the pleat of wavy curtain is round and easy to create straight lines through the curtain

2 grace - wavy curtain set not only prevent the sunlight, but also the highlight for the interior space.

In addition to traditional products, automatic blinds are also the optimal choice at FACCO for modern homes. Automatic curtains system is suitable for large-sized houses or large window frames in high-end offices or modern apartments designed for natural light from above. In addition to this design, the automatic curtain system can be integrated with smart homes, smartphone control gives customers maximum convenience.

Whether it is providing products for interior office or home design, FACCO  commits  to provide the best quality products at the fastest order of time (in just 7 days) to suit to every  designs.


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