About facco

In Vietnam, FACCO is the only company that represents the major manufacturers of interior materials in the world. With high quality materials, good agent support policies, FACCO has expanded its business network nationwide.




The main business areas of the company are design consultancy, home design, new materials supply and installation of interior decoration by imported interior materials of high quality such as pasteboard wall, wallpaper, curtains, vinyl floor with scratch-resistant carbon film, carpet, film laminated glass, wood glued film, steel (REATEC), specialized floor for hospital ..

FACCO - Reputation is the key to success for sustainable development

With the support of Sangetsu Group - Japan's largest manufacturer of high-tech interior decoration materials, FACCO is proud to be the official distributor for high-end materials. , the finishing material of this prestigious group in Vietnam.

The company regularly selects and imports the most popular models of Sangetsu Group as well as other famous brands in Japan to meet the tastes of consumer demand as well as the increasing demand for aesthetics. high of all customers. Products of FACCO company with a variety of styles, multi-style, multi-color with perfect quality products, competitive prices, optimal construction techniques and attentive service style, enthusiastic will definitely bring absolute satisfaction to customers.

FACCO - step by step approach and pace with the development of advanced technology

At present, the company has invested and put into use many hi-tech equipment and machinery of countries with modern and high technology to serve the construction and installation of interior decoration for Civil and industrial construction works. FACCO products are constructed and installed by machines and special tools that combine high quality glues imported from Japan.

In order to improve the quality of our products and services more and more professionally and qualitatively, FACCO regularly sends engineers and technicians to Japan for intensive training courses. and applying advanced construction techniques to keep up with the level of development of the world. More specifically, the company's engineers have been named by some of Japan's best experts, Mr. Yamamoto and Yto Kimura, who have won first prizes in skill competitions in the field of installation. Direct interior design training and guidance at the Sangetsu Group Training Center. Therefore, the company always has a team of skilled engineers, dynamic, creative, working style seriously, professionally and highly effective.

FACCO - Always a reliable companion on the way to create art

Up to now, FACCO interior decoration products have been widely applied in civil and industrial projects. There are many large and important works that FACCO has been entrusted with, such as Government Office, LAKE SIDE Hotel, Hanoi Television Station, Nikko Hotel, Grand Plaza Hotel, J & V Medical Company, Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower, ...

With the achievement of providing products to customers and executing projects in reality, FACCO has won the trust of many customers and received the goodwill cooperation of the business. domestic industry. In the coming time, FACCO would like to continue to contribute a part of its effort to make the space of architecture become more beautiful, more luxurious, more comfortable and more class.

FACCO would like to express our sincere thanks to the cooperation and support of our customers and partners who have trusted our products of building materials and interior decoration throughout the past time. With the trend of international economic integration is more and more strong, FACCO company will constantly expand the connection of brand name, association with colleagues in the country, efforts to strive hard to bring. For customers the best products and services not only for the development of the company but also for the development trend of the country.

Source: FACCO.